Worldwide Organic Food Sources

For Greenies has created a worldwide Google map that locates organic and bio-dynamic farms, organic food markets, organic retailers and even the backyard organic gardener who wants to sell their surpluses.

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Anyone can add to the map, so if you are an organic and and/or bio-dynamic farmer,  organic gardener, organic retailer, or if you know of the location of organic markets, farms and cafes feel free to share your location with the world.It is so handy if you are traveling and don’t know where to buy local organic food, which is the inspiration for creating this map. In the next couple of months the For Greenies waste vegetable oil powered campervan will be circumnavigating Australia on the sustainable ‘Fish N Chip Road Trip‘ and local organic farms and markets will be their main sources of food (not fish and chips!).

This is the second worldwide Google map For Greenies has created. The first is a map of Communal Food Plants Worldwide. An editable map locating fruit trees and food plants in public places. So far Brisbane city is in the lead with the worlds most free food.

View Communal Food Plants & Fruit Trees Worldwide in a larger map

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