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I never thought an internet map could be so beautiful! Image by Matt Britt

Although us greenies are all about connecting with nature, we still like technology and sometimes it is necessary to be connected to the internet, whether it is to meet like-minded individuals or to share our involvement in the ‘eco – revolution’.

Every time we go online we are faced with the hypocritical dilemma of using web servers (computers that can store and serve content over the internet). They are housed in data centres that are up to 40 times more energy intensive than standard office buildings, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and consuming gross amounts of energy which is mostly generated by coal fired power plants.

In the US, electricity consumption by data centres housing these web servers doubled from the year 2000 from 30 billion Kwh to 60 billion Kwh in 2006. This amounts to $4.5 billion in electricity costs and the equivalent to powering 5.8 million average american homes. It is estimated that it will double again by the year 2011 to 107 billion KW, 2.5 % of the total nationwide electricity use.

The good news is progressive web hosts are limiting their electricity needs from ‘dirty’ power plants by:

  • upgrading to energy efficient servers
  • generating their own power through renewable energy systems such as solar and wind
  • using power management devices
  • offsetting energy consumption through buying carbon credits and planting trees

Not only will they reduce their electricity consumption but they will cut costs so it is in their best interest.

For Greenies thought it was necessary to host it’s website with a host that is conscious about its energy usage and has chosen ThinkHost. They are powered 90% by wind generated electricity and 10% solar generation. Also they are associated with Trees For The Future and will plant a tree for every client signed up. For community and non-profit groups, ThinkHost offers free hosting in the name of social change.

For $7.95 US a month you can host unlimited websites, unlimited databases with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server space!

If you are thinking of hosting a blog or website, sign up with an environmentally and socially responsible web host.

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