The Summit Organics Farmwalk

Summit Organics Farm and Border Ranges backdrop. Photo: Peter Bracher

At Summit Organics, farmers Rod and Tania Bruin use no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers and still manage to grow quality fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale. Just how does a certified organic commercial farm work? For Greenies went along to one of their ‘Farmwalks’ in May 2010 and learnt about the process from seedling to harvesting, weeding without herbicides, the importance of compost and energy efficient irrigation. The day was topped off with a beautiful meal made by Russel Scott in his self-sufficient food caravan comprised entirely of Summit Organics fresh salad greens and locally produced vegetarian ingredients.

Check out Summit Organics Facebook Page for upcoming Farmwalk events!

Here is the For Greenies video summarising the day…

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