The Seed Saver’s Network Upcoming Byron Bay Workshops

It is one thing knowing how to design and plant a food garden. Knowing how to prepare the harvested food for eating is something equally important and completes the whole process of organic gardening. All your efforts in the garden are rewarded when you taste the delicious nutritious food that you have produced yourself – and it always tastes better when you have grown it yourself!

The Seed Savers’ Network Whole Culinary Garden Workshops

Expand your gardening and culinary horizons at the Whole Culinary Garden Workshops starting this Saturday the 19th June at The Seed Savers’ Network headquarters in Byron Bay.

Jude and Michel Fanton founded The Seed Savers’ Network in 1986 and have been practising permaculture since 1978. They have authored 3 food garden books, produced 2 documentaries on worldwide food diversity and train people in 21 countries. This is quite a rare opportunity as they are frequently traveling and setting up seed networks.

The workshops will involve theory, practicals in the extensive gardens, an exercise indoors and handouts. You’ll go home with seeds and other planting materials. Collect and prepare a vegetarian lunch together from the garden, with many raw foods and ferments.

For further details and to reserve your place go to The Seed Savers’ Network website. There are discounts for group bookings!

Workshop 1 Saturday 19th June

Whole garden design and collection of mushrooms.

Lunch will be mushroom soup, roasted roots and salad with a ferment of cottage cheese.

Workshop 2 Saturday 26 June

All about rare root crops and roots that suit this region.

Lunch will be (you guessed it!) a variety of roots – cassava, taro, sweet potato, yam, peanuts, ginger, tumeric, galangal, khaemferia, native ginger, with fermented daikon skemono and pink ginger pickles.

Workshop 3 Saturday 3rd July

Learn how to propagate cuttings, tubers, rhizomes, slips, seeds.

Lunch is curry of pulses from the garden (lima beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas), edible seeds from the garden (mustard, fennel, parsley, etc.); salad of shoots (fennel, parsley, etc.), buds and flowers (nasturtiums, mustard, salvias, etc)., with a fermentĀ of leaves.

Workshop 4 Saturday 17th July

All about fruit and nut trees especially those that are local and adapted to this region that have greater nutrition.

Lunch is green pawpaw salad, citrus dressing on green salad, bananas (+ fried green), etc. Frozen mango, rollinia; make fruit icecream, with a ferment of citrus drink.

Workshop 5 Saturday 24th July

Greening the table! Comestible leaves including the local and diverse edible weeds, edible tree leaves, principles of self-seeding and selection.

A greens lunch of green soup, green drink with aloe vera from garden, green salad, spinach and eggs/dairy with a ferment of leaves.

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