Chivoko Village Uses Video to Share Conservation Success [HD Video]

Participatory video is accessible to all genders and levels of education

Participatory Video is a method pioneered by Insightshare whereby a community of people are taught the basics of video production, how to plan a story and create a storyboard and then given a video camera and computer to produce a short film of their own choosing.

The purpose of the video is to create discussion, communicate issues, and ultimately make change.

Most documentaries are made by professional filmmakers who have years of experience behind a camera, and who have their own agenda, but through Participatory Video, putting the camera into the subjects hands helps them to express themselves and tell their own story exactly how it is.

In April 2011, supported by the AusAID-funded project “Building the resilience of communities and their ecosystems to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific”, led by The Nature Conservancy, I facilitated the first Participatory Video activity in the Solomon Islands, in the remote village of Chivoko on the north-west tip of Choiseul Island.

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‘Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi’ Documentary

The Seed Saver’s Network has been fighting a David and Goliath battle since 1986 when Jude and Michel Fanton created the non-profit organisation whose main aim is to conserve and share locally adapted varieties of food plants.

More than ever, as climate change and unpredictable weather patterns loom, we need to preserve a genetically diverse genepool of food plants to be able to adapt to these conditions. Commercial agriculture and the modern food system favour a small range of food plants that require high inputs of fertilisers and chemical pesticides and that are selected mainly for productivity, shelf life and appearance.

‘Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi’ is a 57 min documentary which looks at the issue of the need to preserve the diverse food heritage from Melanesian and other countries as they become increasingly reliant on imports of hybrid seeds and white rice, biscuits and noodles. The film also looks into the solutions such as setting up local seed networks and education of the importance of preserving diversity.

Watch the film trailer…

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Worldwide Organic Food Sources

For Greenies has created a worldwide Google map that locates organic and bio-dynamic farms, organic food markets, organic retailers and even the backyard organic gardener who wants to sell their surpluses.

View Organic Food in a larger map

Anyone can add to the map, so if you are an organic and and/or bio-dynamic farmer,  organic gardener, organic retailer, or if you know of the location of organic markets, farms and cafes feel free to share your location with the world. Read More & Comment →


The Micro Enterprise Village- Putting ‘Community’ Back Into The Community

Why MEVs? (Micro Enterprise Village)

Over the last century the Australian dream home gave way from tightly terraced streets of Sydney and Melbourne to the grand brick and quarter acre. Now, as blocks of land accessible to employment have become more sort after, larger more lightly constructed dwellings dominate ever-smaller blocks.

Image by David Shankbone

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