Growing Healthy Soils

Challenging your Knowledge on Creating Fertile Soils…

Healthy soils are loaded with microorganisms such as bacterias and fungi that consume organic matter and produce readily available nutrients to feed plants. To grow healthy plants it is vital to create a healthy, diverse and alive soil ecosystem.

Soil bacteria and fungi under a microscope. Image: Soil Foodweb Institute

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Make an Easy Jar Sprouter & Start Sprouting Sprouts! [VIDEO]

There is no excuse for you to not start growing your own food. Even an apartment dweller or yachty can enjoy fresh nutritious sprouts without the use of land or soil.

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The Summit Organics Farmwalk

Summit Organics Farm and Border Ranges backdrop. Photo: Peter Bracher

At Summit Organics, farmers Rod and Tania Bruin use no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers and still manage to grow quality fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale. Just how does a certified organic commercial farm work? For Greenies went along to one of their ‘Farmwalks’ in May 2010 and learnt about the process from seedling to harvesting, weeding without herbicides, the importance of compost and energy efficient irrigation. The day was topped off with a beautiful meal made by Russel Scott in his self-sufficient food caravan comprised entirely of Summit Organics fresh salad greens and locally produced vegetarian ingredients.

Check out Summit Organics Facebook Page for upcoming Farmwalk events!

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An Aquaponics Open Home

People living sustainably all over Australia obligingly opened their homes to the public on Sunday 12th September for Sustainable House Day.

Wendy & Len and their aquaponics system

Len and Wendy from 35 Sperring Street in Manunda, Cairns are passionate about growing their own organic nutritious food, thereby cutting out ‘food miles’ and having easy access to fresh organic produce.

Len in front of his 3 fish tanks

They grow about 60% of their food on their small 1/4 acre residential property using the technique of Aquaponics; breeding freshwater fish for eating in tanks and cycling and filtering the water through grow beds to utilise the fish excrement as a precious plant fertliser. Read More & Comment →


The Seed Saver’s Network Upcoming Byron Bay Workshops

It is one thing knowing how to design and plant a food garden. Knowing how to prepare the harvested food for eating is something equally important and completes the whole process of organic gardening. All your efforts in the garden are rewarded when you taste the delicious nutritious food that you have produced yourself – and it always tastes better when you have grown it yourself! Read More & Comment →


WWOOFers* Of The Insect Kind

(*WWOOFers stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and is a group that connects voluntary workers to organic farms in exchange for food and accommodation.)

The Beneficial Lady Bug

In the big picture that is Planet Earth, all insects undoubtedly have a role. But to the farmer, horticulturist and home gardener, those insects which damage or destroy plants are obviously most unwelcome. Such ‘pest’ species include chewers like certain moth larvae (caterpillars) and suckers such as aphids and mites.
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