The Seed Savers’ Handbook

The Seed Savers’ Handbook

By Michel & Jude Fanton. 176 pages, soft cover.

With over 30,00 copies sold, The Seed Savers' Handbook is a must have for any Australasian gardener who likes to grow rare, heirloom vegetables that are pest and disease resistant, don't require copious amounts of artificial fertilisers, are well adapted to the local conditions and climate and are nutritious and flavoursome.

The Seed Savers' Handbook was first published in 1993 and has been written by Jude and Michel the founders of Australia's Seed Savers' Network. Jude and Michel have been practising permaculture, saving seed and settling up local seed networks since the early 80's.

Part One of The Seed Savers' Handbook discusses the issues and threats to our global food heritage.

Part Two goes into the practicalities of saving seed including what seeds to save, how to preserve the genetics and favourable characteristics such as nutrition and flavour, selecting and collecting, proper storage to minimise problems and maximise viability, and planning and planting your seed.

Part Three gives detailed descriptions as well as sections on the origins, cultivation, propagation, saving and storage of the seed, and usage of over 100 vegetables, culinary herbs, and edible flowers.

The Appendices have a pollination and storage table, list of plant family names, index of alternative names along with a glossary and a list of reference material for further information.

No time is better than right now to preserve our diverse seed heritage. Large corporate seed companies and growers are emphasising varieties that are suited for commercial gain that show uniformity and characteristics that do not necessarily bring out flavour or nutrition.

"I believe this book to be essential for all caring farmers, gardeners, cooks and parents, and I trust that it will speed our return to good nutrition and a healthy society" ~ Bill Mollison, founder of Permaculture

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