Love Food Hate Waste? [HD Video] Stale Bread Salad & Leftover Greens Smoothies

It really is atrocious to waste food especially when there are people in the world going hungry.

In the state of New South Wales in Australia every household spends about $1036 a year on food that gets wasted, totalling $2.5 billion across the whole of NSW. This equates to about 800 tonnes of leftovers that are thrown out and end up in landfills. What a waste!

The reasons for all this food going to waste could be poor meal planning, cluttered fridges, buying and cooking too much, not storing food correctly, buying low quality food that doesn’t taste good, and not utilising leftovers.

Domestic Goddess Alison Drover, a farm to fork cook from www.forkinthefield.com believes in cooking sustainably and using locally grown seasonal and organic produce. In this 4 minute video she shares some ideas about how to use leftovers and reduce food waste (and $) in your kitchen, and makes Panzanella Salad, Gazpacho Soup and Green Smoothies to get your tastebuds watering.

Video filmed at a Love Food Hate Waste Workshop run by Ace Community Colleges in Bangalow, New South Wales


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Some Tips to Avoid Food, Packaging and General Waste

  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy second hand cooking utensils, or good quality long lasting utensils
  • Grow your own food and pick as you need it
  • Buy local and seasonal (support your farmers!)
  • Buy more robust greens that last longer such as kale and silverbeet
  • Clean your fridge regularly
  • Keep a glass bowl in your fridge and fill with fruit and veg odds and ends to be used first in the next meal
  • Freeze leftover vegetables to make stock for the winter
  • Compost or feed leftovers to worms and/or chooks

Panzanella Salad Recipe

A summer salad from a florentine recipe of bread and tomatoes great for using up stale sourdough loaves and using surplus tomatoes.

Pazanella Salad photo: taken at Love Food Hate Waste Workshop, Bangalow, by Ace Community College


Good quality sourdough bread (stale)

Olive oil

Any dried herbs

Rind of a lemon


Fresh basil

Balsamic vinegar




Slice bread into large chunks, drizzle with olive oil, season bread with sprinkles of old herbs from the cupboard, grated lemon rind and put in oven until lightly golden.

Chop tomatoes into wedges and put into salad dish along with crispy bread. Add olives and torn fresh basil leaves. Crumble through feta cheese, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and season with rock salt and ground black pepper.

Gazpacho Soup

Do you have some Panzanella salad leftover? Make a whole new meal of gazpacho soup, a cold tomato-based soup enjoyed in the spanish and portugese summers. Remember to make sure the olives have no pits, add a few extra fresh herbs and blend everything in the blender.

Kale and Leftover Greens Smoothie

A healthy and easy to make breakfast smoothie sure to get you going in the morning!







Any greens in your fridge you want to use up


Add all ingredients except the greens to blender and blend. Lastly add greens and blend before serving (the flavour of the greens is not so strong when added last!)

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