Life.Nature.You.Make the Connection [HD VIDEO]

For Greenies has entered the WWF video competition – Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection with this video entry – “A Day in the Simple Life”.

Hopefully this video helps to inspire you to reconnect with nature and to live a beautiful and simple life just like those on Ahus Island in Papua New Guinea.

If you like it, rate it and help us get to the CMS Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival & Forum in India! Thanks!

A Day in the Simple Life from For Greenies on Vimeo.

When YOU live simply, YOU have peace of mind and soul. NATURE is LIFE-giving and provides everything YOU need. It is madness to destroy that which you depend on… Take away that direct relationship with NATURE and the CONNECTION is lost. You no longer directly rely on the NATURE around YOU and the LIFE slowly drains from your body, mind and soul…

Filmed and Edited by:
Kat Gawlik

Filmed on location:
Ahus Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea
& Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Special thanks to:
Leo Chachi & Seiorse Carthy

Thanks also to:
Mouwin Pondrein
Bruce Pondrein
Troy Jones
Ainsley Carthy
Regan Carthy

Peppe Ska – Lambasana (remix by I.B.1 Dance)

DVD playing on the tv:
BBC South Pacific, Episode 1 – Ocean of Islands

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