Love Food Hate Waste? [HD Video] Stale Bread Salad & Leftover Greens Smoothies

It really is atrocious to waste food especially when there are people in the world going hungry.

In the state of New South Wales in Australia every household spends about $1036 a year on food that gets wasted, totalling $2.5 billion across the whole of NSW. This equates to about 800 tonnes of leftovers that are thrown out and end up in landfills. What a waste!

The reasons for all this food going to waste could be poor meal planning, cluttered fridges, buying and cooking too much, not storing food correctly, buying low quality food that doesn’t taste good, and not utilising leftovers.

Domestic Goddess Alison Drover, a farm to fork cook from www.forkinthefield.com believes in cooking sustainably and using locally grown seasonal and organic produce. In this 4 minute video she shares some ideas about how to use leftovers and reduce food waste (and $) in your kitchen, and makes Panzanella Salad, Gazpacho Soup and Green Smoothies to get your tastebuds watering.

Video filmed at a Love Food Hate Waste Workshop run by Ace Community Colleges in Bangalow, New South Wales


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Life.Nature.You.Make the Connection [HD VIDEO]

For Greenies has entered the WWF video competition – Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection with this video entry – “A Day in the Simple Life”.

Hopefully this video helps to inspire you to reconnect with nature and to live a beautiful and simple life just like those on Ahus Island in Papua New Guinea.

If you like it, rate it and help us get to the CMS Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival & Forum in India! Thanks!

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A Perspective From Those Most Affected [HD VIDEO]

There is a small populated low-lying island visible from mainland Manus Island of Papua New Guinea that is shrinking because of climate change impacts. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for the 900 people of Ahus Island. Because of an increase in severity of weather and oceanic currents, the island that has sustained them for hundreds of years is slowly washing away and fish and other marine animals are becoming harder to catch.

The For Greenies film crew recently travelled to Ahus Island and recorded this climate change song written and performed by the Ponai String Band of Ahus Island.


Make an Easy Jar Sprouter & Start Sprouting Sprouts! [VIDEO]

There is no excuse for you to not start growing your own food. Even an apartment dweller or yachty can enjoy fresh nutritious sprouts without the use of land or soil.

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Peace of Cake

Here’s a recipe that makes a heavy and hearty moist cake that is perfect with a cup of tea on a cold winters morning.

Jude Fanton from The Seed Savers’ Network whipped it up with what she had in the cupboard, and seeds she had soaked that were going to be used in a meal but weren’t. It goes to show what can be made without following a recipe and utilising what you already have. Read More & Comment →


The Seed Saver’s Network Upcoming Byron Bay Workshops

It is one thing knowing how to design and plant a food garden. Knowing how to prepare the harvested food for eating is something equally important and completes the whole process of organic gardening. All your efforts in the garden are rewarded when you taste the delicious nutritious food that you have produced yourself – and it always tastes better when you have grown it yourself! Read More & Comment →

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