Building a Sustainable Home? Consider Using an Earth Render

Consider a strawbale house rendered with clay or earth. They may seem to be the domain of the alternative but strawbale houses are becoming more mainstream because of their longevity, insulation and the materials are readily available and sustainable.

For Greenies recently went to a clay render workshop in Conondale, Queensland Australia led by Nick Dunn from strawbalehouse.com.au

Watch the video to learn how easy, inexpensive and safe it is to render a strawbale house with clay/earth render.

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Rammed Earth Houses

A New Zealand Master Builder, Don Parkes, has spent a lifetime building rammed earth houses. For Greenies visited him at his earth house subdivision in Rotorua, New Zealand.

When building a new house, earth is an inexpensive, abundant and sustainable material that should be considered. Over half of the worlds population live in earth houses and they vary from very modest and basic to large and grand. Read More & Comment →

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