Love Food Hate Waste? [HD Video] Stale Bread Salad & Leftover Greens Smoothies

It really is atrocious to waste food especially when there are people in the world going hungry.

In the state of New South Wales in Australia every household spends about $1036 a year on food that gets wasted, totalling $2.5 billion across the whole of NSW. This equates to about 800 tonnes of leftovers that are thrown out and end up in landfills. What a waste!

The reasons for all this food going to waste could be poor meal planning, cluttered fridges, buying and cooking too much, not storing food correctly, buying low quality food that doesn’t taste good, and not utilising leftovers.

Domestic Goddess Alison Drover, a farm to fork cook from www.forkinthefield.com believes in cooking sustainably and using locally grown seasonal and organic produce. In this 4 minute video she shares some ideas about how to use leftovers and reduce food waste (and $) in your kitchen, and makes Panzanella Salad, Gazpacho Soup and Green Smoothies to get your tastebuds watering.

Video filmed at a Love Food Hate Waste Workshop run by Ace Community Colleges in Bangalow, New South Wales


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Make a Natural Body Scrub at Home

Slough off those dead and dry winter skin cells and give your skin a natural and healthy looking glow ready for bikini weather this summer! Using a body scrub not only smooths your skin but also improves circulation, brightens and softens the skin and possibly reduces cellulite.

You can make a body scrub at home with ingredients in your cupboard, so it doesn’t need to cost you a thing! And if it is edible is is usually not toxic like some skin care ingredients in commercial products.

Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub

I made a body scrub with coconut oil, used coffee grinds, and used chai herbs to give it a yummy spicy cinnamon smell. I used about 2/3 cup of coconut oil, about 2 heaped tablespoons of used coffee grinds (or whatever is in your percolator), and a teaspoon of used chai herbs from my last cuppa.

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Make Mozzarella Cheese in 30 mins. No Microwave Needed.

photo: creative commons/ paPisc on Flickr

I was surprised at how easy it was to make low-cost fresh mozzarella cheese in only 30mins and without the dreaded microwave oven. As long as you follow the directions closely your cheese should turn out wonderfully. I learned how to do this at the local farmers market with the guidance of Debra from Cheeses Loves You who teach cheese making.

The basic principal is to gradually heat the milk until it is warm, and then add rennet which helps the milk to separate or curdle. The curd is the milk solids and the whey is the watery yellowish liquid, which is by the way nutritious and too good to throw out. Mozzarella is formed from heating the curd, stretching and making a ball with your hands. The remaining whey can be added to soups, curries, dough, or anything that requires a slightly salted liquid. Apparently animals like dogs and chickens and pigs will gobble it up too.

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream Without a Machine

Not wanting our blog to look like a recipe site for housewives, but I have always thought that to make ice-cream at home, you needed some sort of ice-cream making machine or gadget. I found out recently that it is actually really simple and the most exotic tool needed is a whisk or a hand-beater to whip the cream. This recipe makes a ‘chocolate-y cookies & cream’ ice cream but feel free to substitute ingredients to make your own flavours. Read More & Comment →


Green Papaya Salad Recipe

Papaya trees will have fruit all year round and the good news is that you can also eat them while they are green in a refreshing and tasty Green Papaya Salad. This is a variation of Jude Fanton’s (The Seed Savers’ Network) and Sharon Gibson’s (Mullumbimby Community Garden Program) green papaya salad recipes. Read More & Comment →

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