Edible Brisbane ~ Food Plants in Public Spaces

On my birthday last month my partner and I spent the day in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. It was past lunch time and our stomachs were starting to get that empty feeling but we were far from any good nutritious food. Walking down the main path back to the entrance we came across a tree we had never seen before with spikes between the leaves and small yellow fruit about the size of a plum. The tree was loaded with fruit and the ground below covered in fallen fruit. “What is this tree?” we asked each other, “is it edible?” at this stage we were very hungry. A covered rat trap had been laid under the tree and the fact that the name plaque had the word ‘apple’ in it was enough for us to decide that it COULD be edible and that it must be safe if the rats were eating it!

Is it edible? taste it and see...

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Alan Willoughby of Permaculture Designz

For Greenies visited Alan’s permaculture property in Tauranga New Zealand and found out the basics of permaculture and how to get started no matter what the size of your property is…

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