The Seed Saver’s Network Upcoming Byron Bay Workshops

It is one thing knowing how to design and plant a food garden. Knowing how to prepare the harvested food for eating is something equally important and completes the whole process of organic gardening. All your efforts in the garden are rewarded when you taste the delicious nutritious food that you have produced yourself – and it always tastes better when you have grown it yourself! Read More & Comment →


WWOOFers* Of The Insect Kind

(*WWOOFers stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and is a group that connects voluntary workers to organic farms in exchange for food and accommodation.)

The Beneficial Lady Bug

In the big picture that is Planet Earth, all insects undoubtedly have a role. But to the farmer, horticulturist and home gardener, those insects which damage or destroy plants are obviously most unwelcome. Such ‘pest’ species include chewers like certain moth larvae (caterpillars) and suckers such as aphids and mites.
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The Delicious Monster

Monstera Deliciosa is a large-leafed hardy creeper native to Central America that can tolerate a variety of conditions preferring to begin life as a shaded understorey plant and thriving outdoors in temperatures from 20-30°C.

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Worldwide Organic Food Sources

For Greenies has created a worldwide Google map that locates organic and bio-dynamic farms, organic food markets, organic retailers and even the backyard organic gardener who wants to sell their surpluses.

View Organic Food in a larger map

Anyone can add to the map, so if you are an organic and and/or bio-dynamic farmer,  organic gardener, organic retailer, or if you know of the location of organic markets, farms and cafes feel free to share your location with the world. Read More & Comment →


Alan Willoughby of Permaculture Designz

For Greenies visited Alan’s permaculture property in Tauranga New Zealand and found out the basics of permaculture and how to get started no matter what the size of your property is…

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Wildlife-Friendly Netting for Fruit Trees

When protecting your fruit trees from raiding animals such as birds and flying foxes make sure you do it the right way to prevent any injuries or deaths to wildlife.

Many gardeners neglect to think about the consequences of using improper netting and methods. Read More & Comment →

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