Starvation Crisis for the Flying Foxes of Australia

A starving and unwell Grey-headed flying-fox stays in a fruiting Cocos Palm through the day. Photo: Andrew Smith.

20 May 2010

Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld., President, Louise Saunders is alarmed by the large number of reports about hungry flying-foxes staying by food trees through the day and not returning to their camps.
“This is of huge concern as bats will stay by food trees until the food runs out. They will then be too weak to fly further afield and will die in people’s gardens like we saw in the winter of 2007. This is starvation” Louise said. Read More & Comment →


Wildlife-Friendly Netting for Fruit Trees

When protecting your fruit trees from raiding animals such as birds and flying foxes make sure you do it the right way to prevent any injuries or deaths to wildlife.

Many gardeners neglect to think about the consequences of using improper netting and methods. Read More & Comment →

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