Sustainable Streets in the Byron Shire [HD Video]

Sustainable Streets Organic Gardening Workshop

The Byron Shire Council in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia are providing the framework to empower residents to reconnect with their neighbours and to build resilient and sustainable communities.

The ‘Sustainable Streets’ program provides sustainable living information through a series of monthly sustainable living workshops where residents can also connect with neighbours, receive energy audits, free water-saving showerheads and shower timers and share seeds and surplus home grown produce.

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Rammed Earth Houses

A New Zealand Master Builder, Don Parkes, has spent a lifetime building rammed earth houses. For Greenies visited him at his earth house subdivision in Rotorua, New Zealand.

When building a new house, earth is an inexpensive, abundant and sustainable material that should be considered. Over half of the worlds population live in earth houses and they vary from very modest and basic to large and grand. Read More & Comment →

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