A Perspective From Those Most Affected [HD VIDEO]

There is a small populated low-lying island visible from mainland Manus Island of Papua New Guinea that is shrinking because of climate change impacts. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for the 900 people of Ahus Island. Because of an increase in severity of weather and oceanic currents, the island that has sustained them for hundreds of years is slowly washing away and fish and other marine animals are becoming harder to catch.

The For Greenies film crew recently travelled to Ahus Island and recorded this climate change song written and performed by the Ponai String Band of Ahus Island.


Chivoko Village Uses Video to Share Conservation Success [HD Video]

Participatory video is accessible to all genders and levels of education

Participatory Video is a method pioneered by Insightshare whereby a community of people are taught the basics of video production, how to plan a story and create a storyboard and then given a video camera and computer to produce a short film of their own choosing.

The purpose of the video is to create discussion, communicate issues, and ultimately make change.

Most documentaries are made by professional filmmakers who have years of experience behind a camera, and who have their own agenda, but through Participatory Video, putting the camera into the subjects hands helps them to express themselves and tell their own story exactly how it is.

In April 2011, supported by the AusAID-funded project “Building the resilience of communities and their ecosystems to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific”, led by The Nature Conservancy, I facilitated the first Participatory Video activity in the Solomon Islands, in the remote village of Chivoko on the north-west tip of Choiseul Island.

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Burping Bovidae Documentary (2006)

A 24 min. documentary by New Zealand Filmmakers Kat Gawlik & Sonya Walker

Global Warming and Climate Change have become, literally, the hot topics of the 21st Century. New Zealand sells itself with its “100% Pure” image: we are supposedly clean and green. However, one of the most significant contributors to global warming is methane gas – and with millions of sheep and cows, New Zealand is a veritable methane gas factory. As this film shows in its Monty Pythonesque way: we may not have obvious great smoke stacks spewing out pollutants, but we have bovine digestive tracts that are equally insidious. “Silent but violent” takes on a whole new meaning in this film that is as much fun as it is serious.

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